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  1. Most people need a mortgage when buying a home.                                                          a).  Go online and check your credit score.  This will help you when searching for a loan.   Credit scores are vital when obtaining a loan.                                                          b).  Meet with a lender to get either pre-qualified or better yet pre-approved for a loan    c).  Pre-qualified is based on a cursory review of information you give a lender              b).  Pre-approved from a lender is based on your actual income, debt and credit history                                                                                                                                     Being pre-approved can save you time when making a written offer.
  2. Decide what features you really want and what features you must have in your next home.  Remember, home buying can be an emotional process and you want to base your home buying on a practical evaluations of the home.
  3. Think long-term and re-sale when buying.                                              
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Posted by Linda K Lawson on February 9th, 2015 4:07 PM